Process and values

A holistic Client-centric approach

  • The firm keeps clients at the center of its focus. One of the key elements of our approach is to get to know our clients, their activities, markets, ecosystem, processes, issues and challenges.
  • The firm’s principal goal is to ensure that the solutions it designs, whether they be clearly innovative, or based on proven legal concepts, fit the client’s operational context.
  • The firm can provide continuous advice and assistance to its clients during the implementation phase of the legal solutions that it has developed.

Based on a strong partnership

  • The firm values long-term partnerships which, in the firm’s opinion, are at the cornerstone of any trusting relationship, and the best guarantee for success.
  • The firm will work alongside its clients, and provide its experience and expertise on a day-to-day basis to help them advance their objectives.
  • The firm seeks to get involved at the highest possible point upstream, and attaches great importance to anticipating client needs and forward-looking thinking.
  • Although a strong advocate of dispute avoidance, the firm does not rule out litigation when this appears to be the best alternative.

With legal expertise and accuracy

  • Daniel Dufag is committed to the high-quality standards and criteria of excellence in which he was immersed during his academic path and when he started his career, and that he has since constantly applied. He handles all case files – whatever their size, value, or the underlying challenges – with due care, rigorously, and with full dedication.
  • The firm ensures that all matters submitted to it are addressed accurately, and assesses the possible impacts of its services on, or their interrelationships with, other areas of expertise.

Consistent with Human Values

  • The firm considers that human values, ethical practices, and integrity are of the utmost importance.
  • While clearly aware of the constraints and challenges that are inherent to business activities in any competitive environment, the firm ensures that its approach and processes remain in keeping with the highest standards of integrity, probity, and ethics.
  • The firm views human values as fundamental in any kind of relationship, and takes great pains that its actions and work processes conform at all times to these principles and values.

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